These 6 Summer Trends Are About to Hit the Big Time

In my time as a fashion journalist, I’ve always been more interested in the little trends that are poised to go big. I’m talking about the ones that magically bubble up to prominence on the streets or that your friends start messaging about. I’ll devour a Bottega Veneta runway collection as hungrily as the next fashion lover, but my passion lies in finding the looks, items and styling ideas that are organically growing through the season, day by day, IG post by IG post. And many of these microtrends do indeed have Instagram or TikTok as their fertile ground, which makes them easier to chart than ever—if you’re looking closely.

Things in the world of microtrends do move fast, but that doesn’t mean that pieces on the rise fall out of favour quickly once they’ve peaked. What happens is they reach a tipping point—take Birkenstocks or tie-dye as a good example—and just become a standard part of the fashion outlook. Neither on- nor off-trend, former microtrends may not be as edgy as they were at their inception, but they still have plenty of mileage to offer.

With the fashion mood for spring and summer 2021 being exuberant and joyful, it’s no great surprise that the microtrends I’m noticing are all pretty upbeat or loud. Think basics that come in bold colours or retro throwbacks and outrageous detailing that provide uniqueness. The time is now to try something different, so keep scrolling for the six microtrends I think are about to hit the big time.


When we posted this shot of Carmel wearing Bottega’s green button-down to our IG feed, the speed of likes was pretty wild. A bright shirt does lend itself to denim, so take note of the combination here.

Lauren-Nicole always finds the best pieces on the high street, and this H&M shirt (and matching trousers) make for the kind of outfit that has plenty of wow without requiring a great deal of effort.